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. Cultural memory Vol. 2. MI-AN, Skopje, 2015.


. Cultural memory Vol. 1. MI-AN, Skopje, 2015.


. Kreativni ekonomii. MI-AN, Skopje, 2014.

Source Document

. Tespisovite svetovi. MI-AN, Skopje, 2014.

. Teatrot i mitot. MI-AN, Skopje, 2004.

. Čista igra. MI-AN, Skopje, 1998.

. Macedonia yesterday and today. 1996.

. Od prvicna ideja do drzava. Detska radost, Skopje, 1993.

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. Strumica, the city I want to live in!. Culture and Sustainability in European Cities, 2015.

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. Academia vs Forums: Official and Unofficial Knowledge - The "Case" of Cyril and Methodius. Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications, 2016.


. The Scope and Meaning of the Term European Values as used in Macedonian Print Media. Култура/Culture, 2015.


. Image, Europe, drama. Human Affairs, 2013.


Selected Projects

Ageism - a multi-national, interdisciplinary perspective
Member of Management Committee
COST Action IS1402

Evolution of reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ)
Member of Management Committee
COST Action IS1404

Investigating Cultural Sustainability
Member of Management Committee
COST Action IS1007

Electronic Database of Macedonian Literature
Head Researcher
Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Macedonia


Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Macedonia
Institute for Macedonian Literature
M.A. Studies. Course: Topics and methods of cultural studies
M.A. Studies. Course: Postcolonial studies
M.A. Studies. Course: Theatre and audience
PhD Studies. Course: Virtual culture
PhD Studies. Course: Policies of theater discourse

State University of Tetovo, Macedonia
Faculty of Philology, Department of Macedonian Language and Literature
B.A. Studies. Course: Macedonian modern and postmodern literature
B.A. Studies. Course: Macedonian drama and theatre


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